Would you like to volunteer for the scabies operation?

While we have concerns about the authorioties misusung the proposed Scabies Operation (Medecins du Monde and Medecins sans Frontiers) to not only clean up the jungle but also clear out the jungle, we are happy to facilitate volunteers from the UK. Either to help directly with the operation, or to be vigilant and carry on other solidarity and support work with migrants here.

Medecins du Monde and Medecins sans Frontiers have stated that volunteers will be accommodated and fed, and travel from Lille and Paris will be covered, so some travel support from the UK may be possible. Anyone able to speak the languages of migrants here will obviously be better able to explain the planned operation and help migrants make an informed decision about their involvement in it.

Email calaisolidarity@gmail.com if you are interested and we will forward your details to the people organising the operation and connect you with other No Borders activists who will be present in Calais at the time