Misleading Daily Mail articles exposed by French newspaper

A series of misleading articles by the Daily Mail have been exposed by French local newspaper Nord Littoral [4]. The headline  of the DM article on 21st July reads, “Migrants in Calais take the British ambush with a knife in a terrifying flight on the highway”. When questioned by Nord Littoral, officials at the PAF Coquelles, who have not registered any violence against tourists, stated; “We must be wary of English newspapers because they tend to use an item to make generalities,” . The DM article also states, “Yesterday the Calais Police issued a warning urging motorists to keep their windows and their doors closed until  they are safe at ferry terminal” . This information is denied by the police in Calais.
We welcome any action against such irresponsible scaremongering , please direct complaints to the PCC: http://www.pcc.org.uk/complaints/process.html

[4] Article in Nord Littoral-  http://www.nordlittoral.fr/actualite/la_une/article_1084857.shtml
Details of the articles discrepancies – http://nobordersbrighton.blogspot.com/2009/08/mailwatch-2.html


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